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Direct Gas Fired Hot Air Generator

We are rated amongst the credible Manufacturers & Suppliers of Direct Gas Fired Hot Air Generator from Maharashtra, India. The Hot Air Generator has garnered appreciation from various industries because of its reliable functioning and durable nature. We can be counted upon for delivering small or bulk orders of Direct Gas Fired Hot Air Generator within the postulated time.

Direct Gas Fired Hot Air Generator : Capacities upto 5 million kcal/hr

Fuel : Light Oil / Heavy Oil / Natural Gas / LPG / Bio Gas / Coke Oven Gas/ Pyrolysis Gas & allied SOT Direct Fired Hot Air Generators are tailor-made to suit individual requirements. The units are self-contained, ready to install immediately after power supply is given. The combustion takes place in refractory lined furnace. The combustion chamber is suitably designed to complete the combustion within itself. The combustion chamber is enclosed in a concentric shell with suitable lining. The fresh air from dynamically and statically balanced blower is fed to the chamber tangentially. The air envelopes the combustion chamber and absorbs the radiant heat from its surface and then mixes with completed combustion gases in a conical chamber. Hot air, thus generated is let out from Hot Air generator at controlled temperature to the process. These Hot Air generators are manufactured upto capacity of 5.0 million Kcal/hr. higher capacities are also available. Efficiency in these hot air generators is nearly 100% since surface losses are taken care of with proper insulation. Specially designed systems can be offered suitable for temperatures upto 700 degree C.