Steam-O-Tech Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial Incinerators

Another variant that we offer to our nationwide buyers is Industrial Incinerators! The company has marked its distinguished position among the eminent Manufacturers & Suppliers of Industrial Incinerators in Maharashtra, India. Buyers can get them with varying capacities up to 0.30 MKcal/hr (350 KW) at feasible prices, from us!

Fuel : Light Oil / Heavy Oil / Natural Gas / LPG / Bio Gas / Coke Oven Gas/ Pyrolysis Gas & allied It is the process of direct burning of wastes in the presence of excess air (oxygen) at high temperature (about 800 Deg. C) liberating heat energy, inert gases and ash. Net energy yield depends upon the density and composition of waste, percentage of moisture and inert materials, which add to the heat loss, ignition temperature, size and shape of the constituents etc. Combustion results in transfer of 65-80% of the heat content of the organic matter into hot air, steam and hot water. SOT Incinerators are designed with most practical approach looking at Indian Conditions. We do not boost of Technical Collaboration but believe in Technology suitable to Indian conditions. Be it a Housing Society, a Hotel, a Hospital, a Slaughterhouse, Poultry or an Industry. The Waste is bound to be there. How long we can have Dumping Grounds? A point to saturation is nearing. We have an answer is SOT Incinerators. SOT Incinerators are capable of incinerating all types of wastes. Be it a solid, Sludge, Liquid, Gas or Chemical waste. We also recommend & offer pollution control equipments as part of incinerators system and also provide fully automatic in operation